Yehudit chose by God


ISBN: 9781928530114


  • As a daughter of Israel, Yehudit has always loved and trusted in Yahweh, the God of her But personal tragedy and the threat of a mighty enemy pose challenges to her faith. God, however, is with her and will use her in her vulnerability to deliver an entire nation from evil.

Yehudit, Chosen by God is a rare book, a historical Christian romance, a devotional message to women, an egalitarian manifesto, and an invitation to follow Jesus.

– CBE International

Lauren pushes us to wrestle with all that goes wrong in our lives and in the world through the lens of faith in a God who is with us even so.

– Missio Alliance

Naledi Online

Lauren Jacobs is a multi – award winning  author,  Bible  scholar   and radio journalist. With a B.A in English, Psychology and a Masters  in  Divinity, she presents biblical truth through the art of storytelling. Lauren has been a theology  scholar  and   Bible   teacher for over a decade  and  presents  a variety of women’s teachings to over 16000 subscribers each week. Her journalistic  work   has   been   featured in publications around the globe and today, she presents a radio journalism show on Radio Cape Pulpit. Bella Magazine named Lauren,  “South Africa’s very own Wonder Woman.” She is  an  ordained  pastor  and  serves as an advisory board  member  of  a global advocacy organisation serving refugee girls.



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