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With Twitter and Elon Musk grabbing the headlines lately, and with all
the rage about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Chatgpt chatbot, the
time for a virtual reality novel has finally arrived.
About ten years ago, then still writing as Koos Kombuis, the author
started writing a short story on Twitter, tweet by tweet. It soon turned
into a novel… a short novel, but a novel nonetheless! It was a challenge
because tweets were limited to 140 digits in those days. It took Joe a
few years to complete his story, and it attracted a lot of attention at
the time.
This ‘micro-novel’ describes an imaginary future society and the role
of social media where people are literally living inside virtual reality
to the extent that they are unable to distinguish virtual reality from
real life. The story unfolds in the now somewhat archaic terminology
of 2013, at a time before Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to
create Meta!
‘Twitter Dawn’ is an evocative, humorous and thought-provoking story
which fits right into the present-day debate about all things IT and AI!

Joe Kitchen is a singer, songwriter, poet, writer and national treasure also known as Koos
Kombuis. It may come as a surprise that the Voëlvry-icon not only (still!) has a cult following
among Afrikaans speakers, but also among South Africans from all walks of life and even
internationally, especially in the Netherlands where he regularly performs. Part of this artist’s
success story is his ability to re-invent himself without losing his essence; thus, walking the
tightrope of staying entertaining and authentic. Kombuis recently branched out, trying his
hand at English novels, therefore the pseudonym Joe Kitchen.

156 pages
ISBN: 978177617280


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