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This is a book about the art of songwriting. More specifically, the art of
words composed to be sung.
Proposing this concise definition of songwriting, the author opens
up a unique and fascinating perspective on the song as catalyst for
transformation. He connects the dots between language and music,
making visible the discreet basics great songwriters employ to compose
songs that stimulate the imagination, capture the heart and create
The book is a manifesto for a brave, new and radical approach to writing
songs. It is aimed at everyone interested in the power of the word and
music to make a difference.
Art is needed more than ever in times of crisis. Art allows us to examine
what it is it be human. It helps us make sense of what we are going
through. It allows us to voice our fears, joys, dissent and gratitude. And
song, allows us to voice it in the most compelling way possible.
The author illustrates by way of carefully selected extracts from
masterfully composed songs, how songwriters are able to access the
hidden determinants of human behaviour with words and melody.
Songwriting is much more than music. It’s the most powerful way of
expressing the human spirit. It has the power to accelerate transformation
and bring both the songwriter and listener, into closer harmony with the
pulsing and pitching of the universe.
This book will have you thinking new thoughts about songwriting and
have you listening to songs with new ears. its timing could not be better.


Clive Ridgway is program director of the Cape Town School of SONGWRITING. He is an
accomplished recording artist, music producer and songwriter. He has written songs for
many of South Africa’s most successful recording artists. He served as music director and
program director for Cape Town radio stations Kfm94.5 and Smile 90.4fm. He is a natural
teacher, and mentor to a number of Cape Town recording artists. Clive is committed to
using the knowledge and experience he has gained over 40 years in the fields of music,
radio and teaching, to promote songwriting as a catalyst for transformation.


222 mm x 148 mm
180 pages
ISBN: 978-1-928530-87-9



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