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Born for Greatness By Gerald J. Maarman


ISBN: 978-1-928518-62-4


Born for Greatness

  • I have met many people who have gone through life with dreams of achieving success, but they never did. Some of them gave up hope because of a bad life experience or perhaps a lack of resilience made them abandon their unfulfilled dreams. I have spoken to thousands of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, people who have been through the worst life experiences, and they want to know “How does one overcome adversity and achieve success?”
  • My aims with this book are to provide answers to this question and to provide helpful tools and tips that can be utilised to achieve success in the face of adversity. In the first 9 chapters I tell my life story and give you a glimpse of the difficult journey I have travelled to achieve success. From chapter 10, I delve deeper into the ways in which I conducted my life in order to achieve success and I often use scriptures from the Bible to bring across certain concepts.
  • My prayer is if you are experiencing adversity that my life story will encourage you to persevere against all odds. With my journey, I demonstrate that for you to reach your destiny, you must cherish both the good and bad experiences. What you are experiencing now may be because of poor choices or circumstances beyond your control, but these experiences will mould you into the person that God has predestined you to become, and they will guide you to your destiny.

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Dr. Gerald J. Maarman was born and raised in a disadvantaged community (Kleinvlei Eersterivier) in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been on a long and tough life journey but has managed to achieve success despite adversity.
He is a lecturer at Tygerberg Medical School, the University of Stellenbosch and holds national diplomas in architectural drawings, terminal care, and emergency aid. He completed a BSc. degree in Functional Human Biology, BSc. honours degree and MSc.
degree in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology. Gerald also holds a Ph.D. in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology in Cardiology/Medicine, has received multiple accolades and his research has been published nationally and internationally. He is an NRF rated researcher with international standing, and professional memberships and Faculty positions on several medical associations.
He has been a born-again Christian for more than 26 years and is actively involved in ministry. His life story has served as an inspiration to thousands of young people throughout the country and he continues doing youth and community development in disadvantaged communities of South Africa.



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